Use of mobile applications as a technological support tool for teaching with steam methodology.

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Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid
This document demonstrates in a practical way how mobile applications can be considered as a great tool in the teaching of various areas in elementary school such as: mathematics, English, social studies, Spanish, among others. It is important to note how teachers can support their teaching processes through the use of mobile devices, in which simple to use applications are installed for students, easy to understand and manage. Particularly applications such as SAIA v1.0, GROBOT v1.0, STEAM MATH v1.0 and STUDENT STEAM v 1.0 that have been custom designed and made available to primary school institutions, in order to support their processes, obtaining excellent results, representing for them practical tools, light portability and easy handling, but above all are applications that allow to strengthen the knowledge acquired without the presence of the teacher.
En este documento se demuestra de forma práctica como las aplicaciones móviles pueden ser consideradas como una gran herramienta, en la enseñanza de diversas áreas en básica primaria como son: matemáticas, inglés, sociales, español, entre otras. Es importante anotar cómo los docentes pueden apoyar sus procesos de enseñanza, a través del uso de dispositivos móviles, en los cuales se instalan aplicaciones sencillas de usar para los estudiantes, de fácil entendimiento y manejo. Particularmente aplicaciones como SAIA v1.0, GROBOT v1.0, STEAM MATH v1.0 y STUDENT STEAM v 1.0 que han sido diseñadas a la medida y puestas a disposición de instituciones de básica primaria, con la finalidad de apoyar sus procesos, obteniendo excelentes resultados, representando para ellos herramientas prácticas, de liviana portabilidad y de fácil manipulación, pero sobre todo son aplicaciones que permiten afianzar los conocimientos adquiridos sin la presencia del docente. Educational mobile applications have gained strength in the teaching and learning processes, for this reason, the objective of this paper is to demonstrate how these mobile applications can be considered a great tool in teaching using steam methodology. The paper has a descriptive character, considering the way in which the different forms of learning are supported by mobile devices and are becoming new teaching models. The topics addressed, the services received, the content exposed, among others, are analyzed. The results show a positive impact after the use of the applications on the performance, motivation, attitude and interest in learning of the students in the topics developed, as well as the satisfaction of the teachers for the support of the mobile applications in their work, and how the applications allow reinforcing the knowledge acquired without the presence of the teacher.
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Mobile applications, learning, teaching, student, teacher, Aplicaciones móviles, aprendizaje, enseñanza, estudiante, profesor